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About Us

Duffy Marketing is a full service direct marketing company specializing in heating, cooling, indoor air quality, plumbing and electrical marketing for contractors. With over 70 years of combined HVAC and plumbing industry experience, our familiarity with unique seasonal business cycles as well as specific product and industry knowledge (including tax incentives, manufacturer incentives, co-op funding and market trends) means we can provide you with the competitive edge you need to make the most of your marketing dollars.

We provide complete turnkey or custom solutions for your ongoing marketing and advertising needs. No matter the level of support needed by your HVAC or plumbing company, we work with you to target the sales that you want to generate, develop a strong foundation for your campaigns, then produce the materials and support needed to effectively put your marketing dollars to work for you. Duffy Marketing also guarantees marketing exclusivity to every one of our clients – meaning we only work with one client per service area, nationwide.

Every campaign processed through Duffy Marketing includes a ROI (Return On Investment) analysis to ensure your marketing is on the right track and is used for benchmarking future planning. We can also assist you with the design and fulfillment of promotional products, with thousands of quality items to choose from. Our team of graphic designers can also work with you on custom pieces designed to meet your needs, all at very affordable prices – some of the lowest on the market.

Duffy Marketing is here to fulfill all your HVAC and plumbing marketing and advertising needs, so contact us today for a one-on-one consultation.

Why Choose Us?

Full Service

We provide complete turnkey or custom solutions for your marketing needs.


Over 70 years of combined HVAC and plumbing industry experience.


Every campaign processed through Duffy Marketing includes a ROI analysis. 


We target growth margins to maximize your company’s profitability metrics.

The Work Horse

The Duffy Marketing logo is a visual representation of our philosophy when it comes to successful marketing. The horse on the logo represents your business and how successful marketing is built like a pyramid, with a strong foundation and multiple layers to support it. We take the longview and set each one of our clients up for success with a strong foundation, a smart campaign strategy, core advertising pieces and programs, and our expertise in managing your resources to produce successful results.

Like the draft horses of yesteryears Duffy Marketing is here to do the hard work for you. The hard work is building the elements of the foundation your business stands on. What do we mean by that? A foundation is not built on a single direct mail campaign. It’s not built on a single billboard. It’s not built by creating a Facebook or Twitter account and then ignoring it.

A foundation is built on a consistent effort over time to create a memorable public persona for your business. This means a campaign where all elements support each other. When people see your logo, they automatically know it represents your company. When they hear your musical jingle on the radio it reminds them it’s time to schedule their HVAC tune-up. When they see your company and employees present at multiple community events they know you truly are part of their lives.

Duffy Marketing specializes in marketing campaigns that are integrated and deliver the same message over and over again. A message inspired by market research that shows the best way to make your company stand out in the market. Each marketing element is like a finger on your hand. It can move independently but is most effective working with the other fingers to accomplish a common goal.

Take advantage of Duffy Marketing’s decades of experience to help your company reach its goal of dominating the market. 

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