What Are The Best Company Giveaways For Branding?

“Oh the power of a pen” The pen has been the leading promo product recommended by the promotional experts for business branding at Duffy Marketing Services because EVERYONE can use a pen, and they are an affordable gift that’s easy to transport and store. 

Promotional products that are durable and get used the most are the best to purchase. Keep in mind that the demographic of the recipient really plays a huge role in what you are purchasing. 

Older demographic will like:

·       Eye-glass cleaners

·       Jar openers

·       Handheld fans

Middle aged men or women usually like:

·       Coolers or reusable bags

·       Nightlights or flashlights

·       Water bottles

Younger clients might like:

·       Power Chargers

·       Sunglasses

·       Apparel

As with all promotional products, the better quality, the more valuable the promo gift is and will ultimately affect your recipient’s subconscious opinion of your company. So, choose wisely. We’d be happy to send you samples of pens and other top promo products for your business branding efforts that we recommend our clients use as a part of their HVAC, plumbing and electric marketing strategies. Let us know your budget and purpose of use and we’ll let you see for yourself first.  Email or click to call.