Which Is The Best Social Media Website For Marketing?

Here at Duffy Marketing Services, our social media marketing experts are often asked which is the best social platform for marketing a business. It depends on who is asking. That’s because social media demographics vary so much from platform to platform. You must match the right platform to the target customer that is a part of your overall marketing strategy. You can and should have multiple media platforms selected and a part of your overall social media marketing strategy so you can get your message to the right target customer. 

The reality is that unless you have a social business, like a restaurant or water park, it’s hard to advertise socially to gain and keep the audience engaged without being very creative and putting in a lot of planning and money. But there are many social media marketing options out there which is a great thing for HVAC, plumbing and electric companies. One example is Catch Me In Pink™, Duffy Marketing Services breast cancer fundraising campaign benefitting the Vera Bradley Foundation for Breast Cancer Research held every October that allows users to benefit from Facebook with the images being posted, liked and shared. The engagement in the 30-day campaign can make a huge difference for your company. Let our team know if you have any interest in being a part of this great fundraising and social media marketing opportunity that we do each year.

One of the greatest challenges today for HVAC marketing experts is that there are several platforms to evaluate and manage. When you look at the Facebook demographics, you’ll see that many of Duffy Marketing Services clients’ markets are trending with older males, right along with Twitter. People have also stopped using both platforms because of the political climate the last year so many are seeing a natural decline of users, which is not reflective of the great social media marketing strategy that may have been planned and executed. This should be no reflection of the strategy but can provide some great insight as to how to proceed forward in next year’s marketing strategy as most things should naturally reset following the presidential election and COVID-19. 

The social media experts at Duffy Marketing Services also recommend you include some kind of marketing strategy for Instagram, LinkedIn, and Pinterest. While we might not be able to attribute a lot of direct sales to these platforms vs Facebook, for the demographics most heating, cooling, plumbing or electrical company’s target in their social media strategy, they will give you a lift on all of your other communications and increase your overall ROI.   Duffy Marketing Services social media experts have increased every client’s social exposure for a fantastic ROI. Give our team a chance to be a part of your social media marketing strategy. We offer several different levels of social media advertising and moderate responses for SEO strategy. Call our office today at 816-734-0014 and mention this to receive a complementary social media evaluation to see how you compare to your competition in the metrics that mean the most.