How Many Types Of Outdoor Advertising Are There?

Top Ways to Advertise Outside

Although many different businesses and companies advertise online, there are still ways to market yourself outside. Plenty of people spend time in their cars or jogging in parks, making it necessary to take advantage of this space while trying to promote your HVAC, electric, or plumbing business. Here are a few of the top ways to advertise your goods or services to ensure the ads are spotted by your audience.

Interactive Billboards

Interactive billboards are a great way to keep potential customers engaged and are more entertaining than traditional billboards. This can feature a challenge or a game that encourages people in the area to participate. It will not only offer a memorable experience to prospective clients, but it will also allow your brand to stand out amongst the competition.

Ads on Lamp Posts

A great way to make your services or goods more visible is by advertising on lamp posts outdoors, which are commonly found in busy downtown areas or near parks. The large displays are hard to miss and can be easy to spot for those who are walking or driving by.

Advertising on Transit Systems

There are a lot of ads that are posted on transit systems, meaning companies of all types can target customers who are spending time sitting for several minutes. With transit advertising, you don’t have a lot of space to work with, making it necessary to keep your message clear and concise. You’ll need to have a straightforward approach with this form of advertisement to ensure you can make an impact on the person viewing your ad.

Outdoor Signage

Outdoor signs are effective because they’re colorful and they stand out on crowded streets where other types of ads are present. Get the attention of those who are passing with exciting signage that highlights the different services that you provide.

There are many forms of outdoor advertising to take advantage of to ensure you attract more customers over time. By trying out the different types of advertising available to you, you can discover which forms are the most effective to ensure you can include and keep them in your marketing plan. Our team at Duffy Marketing Services can help you with your outdoor marketing needs. We’ll make sure they represent your business and get more customers in the door. Contact us today for more information.