Which Is Better: Promotional Pens Or Promotional Mugs?

Oh, the power of a pen! If we had to choose one or the other, it would be the pen for sure. This promotional product can make quite the impact as long as you select a good quality pen. Duffy Marketing Services regularly includes promo items, such as a pen, mug, or cooler, as part of a marketing plan for all of our clients around the country. That’s because, in our opinion, well-thought-out promotional gifts are an effective marketing tool because it has your logo on it for long-term impressions while in use. It indirectly implants a positive memory in the user’s subconscious, but it’s like every other marketing service we offer—it needs to be done right.

Choosing Your Gifts

Pens and coffee mugs have been the more popular promo items for years, but Duffy Marketing has learned just about anything can make an effective promotional gift if you are creative with the delivery and invest in a more quality item your clients will use. Some of the more common and successful promo items include:

  • Pens & other writing instruments (even antimicrobial ones!)
  • Reusable shopping bags
  • Pocket & wall calendars
  • Water bottles & the aforementioned coffee mugs
  • Coolers
  • Non-perishable food items
  • Clothing & apparel (t-shirts, hats, outerwear, etc.)

Giving a “thank you” gift, especially when one of your clients has done an HVAC or plumbing or electrical installation, can make a nice impact and help with referrals. This small investment in a cooler filled with logo’d items we call the “Perfect 10” has been a big hit with clients. 

Let us know if we can help you plan out the perfect thank you gift! 

When choosing an item, always keep one thing in mind: quality is important. Giving a client a promotional gift that doesn’t do what it’s intended to do will create a negative impression. Quality items are available in every price range, so selection is important. Always ask for a sample before making the investment so you will be pleased with the final product. 

Is Your Logo a No-Go?

For many years it has been commonplace for small businesses to feature their logo prominently, but that may not always be the right decision for every promo item. If this is a targeted campaign, consider putting the customer’s name on the item. It doesn’t mean it can’t have your logo as well, but make sure the customer’s name is displayed more prominently.

Especially True For Clothing

The logo decision is especially important when it comes to clothing. Unless you truly are the ‘Nike’ of your local market, many folks may be hesitant to wear promo items that focus on your company logo. A better choice is to feature a well-established catchphrase or slogan with your company logo playing a secondary role. 

This type of promotional gift gets your message across, but your customers may not feel like they are wearing a billboard. Please note: these logo suggestions do NOT apply to promo items for your employees attending community events as they indeed ARE walking billboards.

Ready to Help You

Let Duffy Marketing show you how promotional gifts can be one facet of a strong marketing plan for your small business. When done right, these campaigns can mean the money you spend will be returned to you many times over. To learn more about the marketing services we offer, be sure to like and follow us on Facebook and Twitter.