What Are The CSR Activities?

First impressions are important.  And the first impression in your HVAC, plumbing and electrical company is your Customer Service Representatives (CSRs). They are the first person who makes contact with prospective customers and can single handedly be responsible for success or failure of your current marketing campaign you spent thousands promoting. They deserve ongoing training just like the pro’s no matter how long they have been doing this. There is always room for improvement in this critical position. And if you don’t put his position as one of your most valuable assets, you are missing the most important area of success you can have. 

DID YOU KNOW: Arnold Palmer was still taking lessons after he retired from a successful golf career in pursuit of greatness?

It’s a Tough Job That Requires Intensive Training

In the HVAC business the first line of success for your company is the Customer Service Representatives (CSRs). They are the people who handle the desperate phone calls and emails from people who are freezing when the heat goes out in the winter or sweating when the AC goes out in the summer. 

It’s a difficult job to manage all the various calls made daily, and its why Duffy Marketing places a huge premium on proper CSR training as part of the marketing services it provides for HVAC CSRs at companies across the nation.

Small Changes Can Mean Big Gains

Dealing with angry and frustrated people who want service immediately, if not sooner, is a difficult challenge to say the least. Duffy Marketing has its own in-house trainers and a training program specifically designed to meet the customer service needs in the heating, cooling, plumbing and electrical industry. Key topics addressed during trainings include:

  • Communication
  • Conflict resolution
  • Problem solving
  • Benefits statements
  • Tone of voice and voice inflection
  • And much more

These skills are absolutely critical to improving your bottom line. Think of CSR training as the “front door” to your business. Even small improvements in making a positive first impression can add thousands of dollars to a company’s bottom line … without adding to your marketing budget. Duffy Marketing calls this a WIN-WIN!  

**Average revenue per ticket = $350

1 missed call per CSR per day = $350 x 5 = $1,750 week x 52 = $91,000 in missed revenue annually!**

It’s All About Teamwork

The training offered by Duffy Marketing helps employees bond and get to know one another. HVAC CSRs learn how important it is to work with the field technicians as one team. This training fosters workplace relationships and suddenly daily challenges aren’t so daunting. When employees have a positive attitude, it resonates throughout your company and is quickly noticed by your customers.

Make the Call Now

Let’s talk about the CSR training Duffy Marketing can provide for your business. It’s all about building that first line of defense to assure customer satisfaction, make your employees productive, and your business successful. Be sure to like and follow us on Facebook and Twitter to learn more about the marketing services we offer.