What Goes Into A Fantastic Marketing Plan?

Every smart small business owner knows creating a business plan is extremely important because it outlines a course to success. The strategy experts at Duffy Marketing Services have seen many business owners over the years get buried in the overall business plan and don’t pay enough attention to creating or executing the marketing plan.  As a result, the business is usually missing out on profits and losing momentum at the wrong time, right when it is needed and too late to get it started again.  

Working with our proven process we call The Duffy Difference, the professionals at Duffy Marketing work closely with our clients to create a strategic marketing and communications plan with WHO, WHAT, WHY, WHEN & HOW. Here are the most important things to focus on during the process:

WHO – Know your audience

Knowledge is power. A marketing plan is very ineffective unless you identify the demographic or customer persona you’re targeting and for what product you are wanting them to purchase. Data experts like Duffy Marketing can append your database and sales with personal information including age, income, pets, home office and much more so you know the facts about them. Many companies are just guessing at a target they think they should be reaching instead of seeing who is actually being attracted to their brand which reduces the overall effectiveness of the strategy. 

WHAT – Something for everyone?

Understanding your core values and clearly defining “WHAT” you are selling with the key elements identified that differentiate you must be the basis of your marketing plan. Utilizing the data you’ve gained of “WHO” is purchasing each product you sell can give you the ability to create a customer persona by product. That information along with historical sales data is then used to show trends and a clear path to the other pieces of your plan. 

WHY – Develop insight into why a customer would use your business.

What are the core needs of your client and how will your products & services help them meet those needs? If the product you are offering will increase comfort and safety in the home, tell them. Make sure you communicate “WHY” they want to purchase your product. Then explain why your offering is better than the competition. Always know who your competitors are and study them. You are competing for customers and the best way to attract new customers and protect current ones is to know what strategies your competitors will use and make yours better! 

WHEN – Timing is everything for the right message.

Getting this right can make or break your business. But trying to time everything can also be a daunting task that’s a lot to manage. If you’ve waited until the phone stopped ringing, it’s already too late. That’s why Duffy Marketing recommends having an ongoing communication strategy that is branding focused which can complement your immediate call to action campaigns placed around traditional seasonal flows. Let’s face it, the HVAC and home service business is impacted greatly by the weather, so plan around it and your revenue needs with marketing products you can turn off and on. Why discount market when you don’t need the business? 

HOW – If you build it they will come…but not always. 

You must use a means of communication where you will reach the persona most attracted to the specific product you are marketing. Armed with the knowledge of “WHO” you are trying to target will help you choose the right products for your marketing plan. If you’ve identified the best persona for your HVAC system installations trend towards older married couples, then choosing a product like Instagram that tends to be a younger demographic would not provide a positive result for your efforts. 

You Have Questions & We Have Answers

Duffy Marketing has a proven track record of increasing market share and sales attracting the right clients utilizing an effective marketing plan. Call now to learn more about the marketing services Duffy can provide for you. Be sure to like and follow us on Facebook and Twitter to learn more.