Why Is Local SEO Important For Every Business?

Before we explain WHY every business must pay attention to Local SEO, we must first define this very loosely used and misunderstood term. Here at Duffy Marketing Services, we explain to our clients that Local SEO is made up of directories and listings that are searchable in your area. This is an additional strategy that should be a part of your overall Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategy. With specific focus to this marketing strategy, your overall SEO efforts can be enhanced. 

Claim listings, Especially with Data Aggregators

There are new listings and directories that are launched each and every day. If you are actively claiming these listings and doing your due diligence of ongoing directory management, the search engines see your business engaged and more marketable than your competition. 

Correct listings are a must 

Just claiming the listing in your directory management strategy will not automatically increase your Local SEO score. It must be accurate and consistent. A simple misspelling or added punctuation can make a difference in how quickly the search engine processes all of your listing data to determine where you will show in the Local SEO search results. 

Enhanced listings can make a difference

Once the listings and directories are claimed and corrected, the next step is to enhance the searchable data. At Duffy Marketing Services we generally do not recommend paying for anything additional in a directory unless it is one you intend to track the calls and results.  Simply by having the information listed, correct and as complete as possible is usually enough to make an impact. 

Get Your Local SEO Score Today

If you do not know your Local SEO score, contact our office and we will provide you with a complimentary analysis of your current position that shows you how our marketing services and products can help to enhance your Local SEO efforts immediately for your air conditioning, heating, HVAC, plumbing or electrical business. For more information on other marketing services our team of experts can provide, click here