Why Should I Have My Business Database Analyzed?

Everyone wants the best return on investment (ROI) for their money, right? As the competition gets more fierce and harder to separate you in the marketplace, the need for quick confident decisions on your marketing plan is more important than ever before. Here at Duffy Marketing Services, we believe your existing customers and past business trends can offer you not only amazing insight to your best strategic business plan, but also be the lowest marketing cost (best ROI) for you. Having your database analyzed will also allow you to better manage your business. 


Everyone is different. In both business and personal life knowing where you are starting, what you are working with, and what you want to achieve are some of the key ingredients that lead to success. Without data to define all of those, it is just opinion. It’s hard to make a confident decision based on opinion, so don’t. 


A database is all of the information you collect about your customers and the business you have performed. Duffy Marketing Services owner Barb Duffy, PDM (Professional Direct Marketer), is professionally trained by some of the best direct marketing specialists in the world on what data to look for and how to best perform a database analysis. She’s perfected this analysis skill and current reporting platform for over 30 years specifically in the heating, cooling, plumbing and electrical industry. The data to look for and the process taken by the Duffy Marketing experts to review a new client’s database today utilizes some of the best tools in data analysis technology such as Tableau. Combined with 30 years of industry results, our marketing strategists are able to define and present your data with confidence. 

Duffy Marketing reports share insights on trends, buying patterns, and hot spots in your market where customers are more inclined to do business with you in addition to areas that tend to have a specific product need over other areas. All of this is visible and accessible through an analysis of your database. 


When you add clean starting data to the right reporting platforms like we offer here at Duffy Marketing Services, you can watch the results of your marketing strategy in real-time. But make sure it’s clean (i.e. junk in, junk out).

When you start looking, you will see there is a lot of data you can track, but having random information about your database won’t automatically make you successful. The right information is instrumental in supporting your marketing strategy. Be careful not to try to measure too much data all the time or you could experience analysis paralysis. 


With the right data and dashboards, our team of marketing experts can help you establish the right goals and plan that works specifically for your business. There should never be a one-size-fits-all plan used, your strategy should be customized. Things have changed from the 90’s where many of us HVAC marketing experts thought a specific % to sales to define the marketing spend was the right way to go. That’s because we were just learning and didn’t have the 30 years of HVAC marketing results we hold today. 


You should know your business and where you are making the most of your money and getting the best business. Your database can tell you everything you need to know to create a plan that is perfect for YOUR BUSINESS. When you develop a business plan based on doing business where and when that works for you with the lowest investment possible, you will dominate in your market. With data, you make decisions for the right reason, not just because your competition is doing it.


That’s the Duffy difference. We can help you protect and grow your business with an effective communication strategy that targets the right people, messaging, and products — all at the right time and within your designated budget. 

You need an experienced marketer who knows your industry to get it right the first time vs. having your current vendor learn at your expense. This is even more critical right now with the ongoing need to spend so much more to acquire good technicians. 

More than likely you are going to have to cut back that marketing budget to keep your profitability up as the demand grows even greater. Give us a call today to get your business database analyzed. For more information on other marketing services our team of marketing experts can provide, click here