Why Should I Choose Digital Marketing?

When Duffy Marketing Services provides marketing services, we always recommend an integrated approach that is customized for each client, depending upon the need. The marketing plan will always include some form of digital marketing, because that is one of the best places to find your prospects already in the sales funnel. The goal of business marketing is to achieve growth by getting your message delivered to more people. Armed with the knowledge of WHO you want to reach will allow your targeted plan to produce success with a high ROI (return on investment). 

It’s a Brave New World

One of the best ways to accomplish those goals is to take advantage of the most valuable marketing resources and technologies. In today’s world, the internet tops that list. Let’s take a look at some of the benefits provided by digital marketing for businesses:


You don’t have to have a lot to make a lot! If your budget is limited, digital marketing is usually the most cost-conscious choice when done the right way by a professional digital marketing company. Prices vary based on the specifics, but the cost is almost always lower than more traditional marketing services such as the local newspaper.

Mobile Access:

Here’s your fact of the day: Seventy-seven percent of American adults own a smartphone. Many of them are using the device for news, social networking, and many other forms of entertainment. Digital marketing can help you create a strategy to reach those people who will have a higher propensity to do business with you. 


There are many forms and uses of high-quality digital marketing:

  • Video marketing
  • Banner ads
  • Email marketing
  • Content marketing
  • Social media posts

This flexibility includes real-time options. By that, Duffy means you can test digital campaigns for effectiveness and end campaigns that aren’t performing well. 


Online shopping is a train roaring down the tracks and it’s not going to be stopped. Digital marketing is the best way to influence shoppers during the buying process. Your business can expand brand recognition and boost sales. Consider adding a shopping cart to your website for things like filters, humidifier panels or even your annual maintenance plan. It gives your clients greater customer service, increase in revenue for your company, and your website earns a higher score on search engines with a shopping cart so it can offer multiple benefits for your business. 


The best business marketing combines multiple content, including photos, video clips, and audio. It’s much easier to do this on a digital platform compared to a medium like direct mail. That is why we are excited to announce the new Duffy Mail Integration DMI product which is adding digital components like banner ads, video ads and social posts to our successful direct mail campaigns and driving sales. 


Using digital marketing allows direct communication and involvement by customers. Think of the many ways:

  • Website chat features
  • Email marketing
  • Reviews
  • Social media posts

These are a great way to show customers you care about what they say and think.


When setup properly, digital marketing allows you to easily track which ads and types of content customers have seen before they make a purchase. It also allows you to match sales to your actual spend for a true ROI which is the better way to determine what business marketing strategy you should follow in the future. Facts are powerful.

Authoritative Voice:

Digital marketing can also give your business a voice and a great way to establish yourself as an authority on important topics within your industry. For this reason, the experts at Duffy Marketing submit articles and press releases as frequently as possible to get it picked up by a local partner. It’s just one more way to instill trust between you and existing or prospective customers.

Help is Just a Phone Call Away

Duffy Marketing will help you reach your goals utilizing a digital marketing strategy that’s right for your business. Our Google Certified team has a proven track record of working with clients across the country to increase their digital footprint while keeping conversion and acquisition costs lower than industry averages. To learn more about the marketing services we offer be sure to like and follow us on Facebook and Twitter.