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There’s nobody else like us!

We take a holistic approach to your success. You see, we solved a real problem that existed in mid-sized home service businesses. We help retain and attract customers, and integrate the best formulas into your organization from incoming calls, to world-class support and service delivery.

The Duffy team allows you to scale your business by offering a combination of the in-house services you need with agency level quality and experience specific to your industry. We’re true consultants that won’t let you fail.

Our Values

Our core values are more than just writing on the wall, web, etc. These are traits our team exhibits each day and how they work with our customers.

1. We hit the ground running because we love what we do.

The most common phrase used to describe our team is “Extremely” hard working. But work isn’t that hard when you’re passionate about what you do, motivated to help others and ready to roll up the sleeves and get started every day.

2. It runs deep...industry expertise + marketing experience

It’s one thing to find a team with deep knowledge about all aspects of marketing, it’s another to find that team with a wealth of knowledge about your industry. We give customers great comfort knowing they have a team of experts supporting them.

3. We solve problems by being creative & open minded

Our teammates are one of our most valuable assets. We collaborate on every project, keeping an open mind, to discover the most creative solutions for designs, marketing campaigns, and other challenges that bring the highest results for our customers.

4. We’re ready to help before you can finish “Could You”

Customers and teammates both enjoy our readiness to lend a helping hand. We put others before ourselves and are thoughtful and considerate of your time. We practice listening first, good communication next, and then provide the best help possible.

5. Give us a big hand...we’re timely like clockwork

You will find us to be timely, consistent and on track to hit deadlines. If you ask for something, you can count on us to deliver without having to follow up. Oh...and we didn’t rush through and miss all the important details. We got it done right!

6. Big challenges are no problem. Stay cool. Keep calm.

When work gets tough and the pressure is on, we stay cool as a cucumber. Being calm is part of our DNA and allows for us to rationally consider options and resolve any problem with professionalism. We meet challenges straight on with enthusiasm.

7. Our glass is full of optimism served up with “yes we can”

At every interaction with our team you will find a positive “Can do” attitude and eagerness to help. It’s easy to stay optimistic when you are surrounded by people who respect one another, the customers and our work. We overcome any negative situation.

8. Patience, kindness & love make the world go round

We give a big virtual hug to our customers and teammates. There is always kindness and love in the way we act and speak towards each other. That’s another reason why we’re so easy to work with. We value our relationships and are grateful for our customers.

Join Our Growing Team

Do you have marketing, sales or training experience in the home services industry? If so, you might be a great fit for our team. Click below to send us your resume.

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