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Featured: Barb Duffy on left, Michelle Waugh on right

Duffy Marketing’s story begins with the owner, Barb Duffy. In 1993, Barb was working as the Assistant Manager/Marketing Director for Tony Roma’s in Kansas. Through a joint marketing opportunity, Barb was introduced to Steve Burbridge, the owner of Neal Harris Heating & Air Conditioning. Steve noticed that Barb had some desirable qualities, so he decided to bring her into his company. Under Steve’s direction, Barb was able to learn everything that she needed to know about the HVAC and plumbing industry. Soon after being brought into the company, she helped Neal Harris launch Service Experts, the first national HVAC company. 

In 2000, Service Experts was purchased by Lennox. Seeing an opportunity to grow and stay close to her two young children, Barb left the company and accepted a Director of Marketing role for Missouri Gas Energy (MGE). In 2001, Barb decided to step away from MGE to move on to the next phase in her career. After her peers at Service Experts found out that Barb had stepped away from MGE, they began to reach out asking for help to grow their business through the management of their direct marketing products. 

The demand for these services grew to the point where Barb decided to start her own company. In 2002, Duffy Marketing Services, Inc. was founded as a Missouri company. In 2005, Barb’s husband Dan decided to join the business. Having a successful career with Blockbuster, Dan was able to use his knowledge in employee management and training to bring a new dynamic to the business. After adding a data programming specialist to the company, Duffy Marketing launched one of the first online artwork generation and ordering systems to provide faster quality service to clients.

Grateful for the continued success, the team at Duffy Marketing began building a team of experts to meet the demand for business. Through the years, Duffy Marketing has built a team of individuals with similar values but different intelligence. This intelligence includes training, writing, direct marketing, digital marketing, web design and customer service. 

Today, Duffy Marketing is a nationwide full-service direct marketing agency with a team of 22. Our main goal is to help service companies across the country reach and exceed their business goals by offering an integrated marketing approach. Offering “exclusive” contracts within a market allows the Duffy team to apply proven best practices and campaigns. We focus on one company in the market and provide greater success and a quicker ROI.

While much has changed with Duffy Marketing over the years, things have remained the same at the company’s core. Duffy Marketing is a team of dedicated professionals who display the same values that Barb showcased in her early career: work ethic, passion for clients, and industry specific knowledge.

Duffy Marketing Team

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