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We love working with people and helping them grow their businesses. When we get feedback from them, we like to share with you so you know what our customer’s enjoy most about working with Duffy Marketing Services. Here’s just a few:

David Samuel

You and your staff have really shed some light on how to look at our marketing dollars. Years ago, I didn’t understand marketing. I would place expensive ads in newspapers, radio, television, and yellow pages with no plan and no understanding of the results and how they would affect my business. After working with Duffy Marketing, I now understand and maximize my advertising dollars to work for me. To get the results we need at the best customer acquisition cost. Through direct marketing, we coordinate all the various media to keep a consistent flow of business as we grow.

We now target the additional sales we want to generate, we target when we want to generate the sales, and we target based on what our staff is capable of handling. I am spending more in marketing than I ever have before, and we aren’t complaining that we are slow. We have been able to change a ‘weather driven industry’ into a ‘marketing driven industry.


Rodney King

Duffy Marketing has been a strong partner in helping us achieve our growth goals, so that we can serve more customers. This partnership started as we transitioned from an 100 year old electrical company, to offering additional service in plumbing, heating & air conditioning. During this transition Duffy’s team championed a complete rebranding effort. 

One key strength of Duffy’s marketing is the ability to bring synergy to all of the forms of our marketing – including television, radio, news paper, magazines, billboards, vans, and so much more. The brand of Dixie is well known in our service area. For this we give Duffy Marketing a huge Thank You!

Duffy works with a true stewardship approach. They look at each dollar being spent, and make sure that it is getting the proper return on investment.

The products that are delivered are great, but the real magic is in the Duffy team members. Each team member brings a unique strength, and the team works together in an amazing fashion! I have enjoyed working with & getting to know the Duffy team.


Frank Harrison 

I had the pleasure to work with Barb Duffy and Duffy Marketing for 10 years. The success at General Air Conditioning is a large part due to the leadership and support that we have received from Barb. Her insight on the HVAC industry as well as knowledge of direct mail marketing has been invaluable.

We have created a working relationship that has allowed us to brand the General and take our company to a new level as the most successful service and replacement air conditioning company in the Coachella Valley. Marketing Works!

Noble Yelverton

Duffy has tremendous knowledge in the service industry which helps us with strategy and training to keep everybody on the same page. They work well with our vendors and stay on time and in budget while consistently growing our business by 25 percent a year. Great Partnership!

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