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The Duffy Experience is an exclusive 10-step process that helps build a strong foundation for your success. Our proven process is full of audits, discovery and checklists that allow us to give you a report on your organization’s health. Then we develop a full-proof plan to strengthen your business and get it ready to drive new traffic to your website, an abundance of inbound calls and top-shelf service to your customers.

Introductory Call

Since our team is an extension of your team, it’s always a good idea to meet each other, make sure we are a great fit and that you like the way we work. We want to know what problems we can solve for you, offer solutions we might provide and to discuss what partnering with Duffy Marketing ultimately means for the future of your business.

Customer Analysis

Once we decide to work together, we do a complete and confidential analysis of your customers. This includes cleaning up your customer database, understanding your market and service area and look for missed opportunities to increase revenue and profits. Afterall, marketing should pay for itself, right?

Site Visit & Discovery

We deep dive into the details that will make you wildly successful once our marketing campaigns kick into gear. We meet your team, perform workshops and review internal processes to prepare all departments for new leads to pour in so that you capture every opportunity. 

Internal Research & Analysis

Once we’ve visited your team, we return to our desks and continue our research. We perform a complete Communication Analysis, Competitive Analysis, Market Analysis, Product Analysis and “People” Analysis to know which marketing strategies are most likely to perform best for your team and business and to come up with a short and long term plan.

Team Strategy Development

After all research is complete, it’s time to start putting the pieces together for your custom strategy. No two companies are alike, and neither are the marketing plans. We consider marketing channels/products, “best marketing campaigns” to execute, a recommended annual marketing budget and projected goals so you know what results you can expect for your investment.

Customer Strategy Review

With Duffy Marketing, there’s no surprises.
We present all our discovery, research and analyis to you and provide in written format. We review the marketing strategy and timelines for the entire year to meet your goals. Then we address concerns, make any needed adjustments and look for an agreement to start executing ASAP.

Team Kickoff Meeting

Time is money and we want you to get the most from yours. So our internal kick-off meeting means our team of experts all get on the same page with your strategy and know what’s expected of them before the work begins. Great project communication prevents mistakes and helps us work efficiently with best results.

Setup & Execution

The Duffy Team starts working with you to get all your online accounts setup, profiles enhanced, and ready to attract new customers. Plus all the tracking dashboards, Google accounts, reports and more are integrated so that every action is captured and measured. Then we constantly work towards optimization of campaigns whether it’s website traffic, direct mail, radio and more.

Timely Communication

You’re never left in the dark! We setup weekly meeting just like you would with an internal Marketing Manager so we’re always on the same page. We review campaign results/reports, and always plan ahead. Our internal weekly “Duffy-Up” meetings help convey important messages throughout our team and ensure projects stay on task.


Annual Review & Strategy

End-of-year visits are awesome when we can reflect on all the new customers you gained in the Annual Report. We re-analyze your customer data and share with you where you found your best customers, and where we should plan to get more just like them. We setup all new goals and create a new marketing strategy for the next 12 months.

Join Our Growing Team

Do you have marketing, sales or training experience in the home services industry? If so, you might be a great fit for our team. Click below to send us your resume.

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