The Difference Between Email Marketing & Direct Mail

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“In this corner we have the old favorite, the long-time heavyweight champion of marketing…Direct Mail.” “And in this corner, we have the upstart challenger, numbering billions and billions of sent messages every day…Email marketing.” I hope you don’t mind this little bit of humor, but it’s a good way for Duffy Marketing to point out […]

Social Media and Direct Mail: A Powerful Combination

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Today’s consumers interact with a variety of media every day. So, it only makes sense to reach out to them across multiple channels. Duffy Marketing knows direct mail and social media can work together in a lot of ways. For example, you can: Use social media to tease and/or promote an upcoming direct mail offer. […]

How Long Should A Direct Mail Letter Be?

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Direct mail should be a part of every good marketing campaign. This is the message Duffy Marketing consistently delivers to current and prospective clients when it comes to marketing services. That doesn’t mean there can’t be discussions about what makes the best and most effective direct mail campaign. How Long is Too Long? Those discussions […]

The Power of Direct Mail in the Digital Age

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“Squeezably soft”“Finger licking good”“Just do it”“Where’s the beef”“Melts in your mouth, not in your hands” Nearly everyone over 50 recognizes those phrases. They are some of the most memorable advertising phrases of all time. It’s interesting to note when you go online and look at the list of the best advertising slogans, most of them […]

How To Make Money From Direct Mail?

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Repeat after me:Direct mail is not a dinosaur.Direct mail is not a dinosaur.Direct mail is not a dinosaur. Duffy Marketing is a firm believer that in this age of digital marketing, there is still a vital role for direct mail campaigns to help your business survive and prosper. We live in a world of junked-up […]