What Are The Best Company Giveaways For Branding?

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“Oh the power of a pen” The pen has been the leading promo product recommended by the promotional experts for business branding at Duffy Marketing Services because EVERYONE can use a pen, and they are an affordable gift that’s easy to transport and store.  Promotional products that are durable and get used the most are […]

Which Is Better: Promotional Pens Or Promotional Mugs?


Oh, the power of a pen! If we had to choose one or the other, it would be the pen for sure. This promotional product can make quite the impact as long as you select a good quality pen. Duffy Marketing Services regularly includes promo items, such as a pen, mug, or cooler, as part […]

What’s The ROI Of A Billboard?

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Have you ever heard of Wall Drug? If you have spent much time on the interstate highway system, especially the east-west thoroughfare I-90, chances are it rings a bell with you.  For the record it’s located in the tiny town of Wall, South Dakota at the entrance to the Badlands. Depending on your opinion, Wall […]

What Are The Best Ideas For Corporate Gifting?

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Who doesn’t like receiving a gift? It’s why Duffy Marketing is a believer in corporate gifting as part of the marketing plan for your business. These promotional gifts will promote your brand for many weeks, and in some cases many years after they are received.  The Numbers Tell a Story Recent market research shows numbers […]

Do Promotional Items Really Work?

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A friend recently shared a story that stuck about his parents receiving a paring knife many, many years ago (at least 30 and maybe more) as a promotional gift from their rural electric cooperative. He inherited this favorite knife that was still in great shape these many years later. Of course, his late parents are […]