How to make money through online ads?

online ads

How Online Ads Can Earn You Money If you’re interested in earning money with online advertisements, you can take advantage of ad networks that are available. Online ads can allow you to earn money every time someone chooses to click on the ad for your HVAC, electric, or plumbing website. There are a few ways […]

Why Is Local SEO Important For Every Business?

local seo

Before we explain WHY every business must pay attention to Local SEO, we must first define this very loosely used and misunderstood term. Here at Duffy Marketing Services, we explain to our clients that Local SEO is made up of directories and listings that are searchable in your area. This is an additional strategy that […]

What Is The Relationship Between SEO And SEM?

search engine marketing

In this rapidly changing world of digital marketing, the acronyms can get a little confusing. Case in point: SEO vs SEM. Translated it means Search Engine Optimization vs Search Engine Marketing.  So, What’s the Difference? One way to answer the question is to use the old cliche: They are two sides of the same coin. […]

Google The Missing Link?


There have been a ton of press, blogs and articles written over the past year discussing the demise of Google and SEO as we know it.  Link building almost became a ‘taboo’ topic and selecting ‘keywords’ is quickly being tarnished as forbidden fruit. But is Olympus falling?  To understand if this is a realistic outcome, […]

The Latest In Panda A 4.0 Refresh


Recently we’ve been made aware that some of you are receiving emails stating that their websites are not Panda 4.0 compliant. While these are SPAM emails, know that we always review to address any concern. This recent change has received a lot of media coverage and has created a lot of conversation.  We invited our […]

The Year Ahead in SEO


2013 was a major year for change in SEO, as Google rolled out updates to their Penguin and Panda algorithms, released the Hummingbird update and shifted away from providing keyword data with encrypted search. Now that we are in nearly a month into 2014, it is becoming more and more crucial to predict Google’s next […]