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Breast Cancer Awareness Campaigns….Now!

Breast Cancer

As a breast cancer survivor, Barb Duffy knows firsthand how important funding is for every local breast cancer advocacy group, medical facility and research center that strives to educate the public, provide medical treatment and facilitate social support for those who need it. Such a worthwhile cause as Breast Cancer Awareness is an excellent way for HVAC and plumbing service companies to get involved with their own local fundraising and awareness efforts and continues to be an important campaign for Duffy clients. 

Because of the popularity and ease of supporting Breast Cancer Awareness, your promotional items and handouts like pink shoe covers or stickers need to be ordered now to ensure they’re received in time. Since we’re less than 60 days out from October 1st, the drop-dead date for placing orders is August 31st with Duffy (as well as for many other vendors) to ensure items are in-stock and delivery is guaranteed! 

There are numerous branded customer giveaways such as pens, flashlights, water bottles or plungers that get the Breast Cancer Awareness message out to the public while also promoting your company. CLICK HERE for our Breast Cancer Awareness flier. Building a meaningful and profitable campaign takes careful timing and preparation, so discuss your plans with your Account Executive on your next conference call to place your orders.
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