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The Power of Maintenance Agreements & Cross-Selling

Maintenance Agreement

Maintenance. We know the importance of regular scheduled maintenance on home comfort systems. Customers may not realize the necessity nor understand the timing. It’s helpful to explain that bi-annual tune-ups need not be done pre-season, but they should be completed once per year; and, having finely tuned equipment can make a significant impact on utility savings, equipment longevity and avoidance of premature replacement. In the customer relationship building process, it’s important to drive home the fact that they will save money over the long run by having their equipment serviced regularly.

One way to really push equipment maintenance is to make it easy for customers to achieve. How? By getting them to purchase a maintenance agreement with you. Your maintenance agreement program must be simple and easy to understand so customers will readily purchase one for themselves. Another facet, is the technicians must ‘buy into’ the agreement program and be on-board with up-selling them to the customer. If staff isn’t selling and the customers aren’t buying, it doesn’t matter how inclusive the maintenance agreements are; it’s of no benefit if it’s only words on a page. 

A great maintenance agreement will include the following elements:

  • Benefits should be clear and concise
  • Cost should be affordable for your specific demographic model

If you want customers to purchase your maintenance agreement, it’s critical that technicians understand how it works and are able to explain the real benefits to the customer. As a recent blog pointed out, “The ability of your employees to successfully present your current marketing campaigns can mean the difference between closing a sell, up selling to further capitalize on your investment or losing money altogether. For growth potential, it’s crucial that your staff are able to communicate well about your maintenance program. 

Thorough training and practice, including role playing, are the only methods that ensure the presentation is done right every time. Ride-alongs are another way to confirm that your processes are being followed. Duffy Marketing’s new leave behind tool is an excellent way to help techs adequately convey the benefits by using a chart. Ask your Account Executive for more information about it if you do not already have this amazing tool! We’re also available to do onsite training and ride-alongs with your staff, if desired.

Just as your maintenance agreement is a marketing tool to get your company name out, albeit with a prepaid contract, your maintenance customer list is also a way to market for cross-selling. In other words, use direct marketing tactics to reach your HVAC maintenance customers with ways you can solve their plumbing or indoor air quality woes and vice versa. Maximize your current exposure by being proactive with the resources already at your disposal.

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