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Industry Growth and Networking for the Bottom Line


Leading financial analysts are forecasting increased growth for the HVAC and plumbing industries in the U.S. markets over 2014 and into 2015. In fact, according Contractor Magazine online, most large mechanical contractors are expecting 3% to 5% growth until 2018. That’s music to our ears! 
market forecast

Forecast / Industry Outlook20142015201620172018
Market Forecast ($ millions)

Source: AnythingResearch Economic Analysis 

How can you ensure that you’ll see some of that coveted growth to your bottom line? Duffy Marketing has some suggestions to promote your business among those consumers who can enhance your profits as the real estate market is rebounding as well. 

Contractors often want to snatch up new move-in lists to grow their prospective customer base. This resource may produce some plumbing revenue but little more. Typically, costs for an upcoming comfort system tune up or replacement will be covered in the closing costs at the time of the sale, so opportunities for gaining new customers for those services are slim to none after the sale. 

A little used resource that can prove to be very lucrative for your company is to align with local realtors as an “approved contractor.” Most realtors agree they are looking for committed contractors who are available to provide timely, quality work at a fair price. Many keep a list of preferred companies to recommend to new homeowners. 

To help garner business from trusted realtors you can:

  • Design coupons for reduced maintenance agreements or service discounts that realtors can hand out to or use for home buyers.
  • Through the realtor, offer a “thank you” gift of a complimentary service for home buyers.
  • Use move-in lists to generate a letter congratulating them on their “one year anniversary” of homeownership accompanied by a system specific special promotion.

An anniversary letter works well because the timing is right for annual service and homeowners will feel like they are in a better position to spend money on their home comfort systems.

Since your competitors may also be looking at this potential for increasing profits, you can enhance your efforts by requesting an associate membership in your local realtors group, which may provide an opportunity to introduce your company at one of their monthly meetings. These presentations are generally short, only about 15 minutes, so be prepared to sell your business concisely, but well. Be sure to have an ample amount of business cards and any leave behinds for business and specials promotion. Your Duffy Marketing representative can assist you with preparing the appropriate materials. Realtors also note that companies that visit their offices regularly maintain better recognition among their colleagues. When making those visits, bring goodies like cookies or donuts as well as more business cards to generate a positive response to your company.
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