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Happy Memorial Day! Light Reading On Online Fraud To Watch For


This weekend normally marks the beginning of summer and can be very busy for some. Others will find themselves with some time on their hands, so here’s some interesting reading for you on a topic everyone needs to be aware of that’s happening across the country. While we have a talented team of very experienced and successful people working on your behalf to be aware of this happening to you, having your eyes on the ground is the best approach to keeping your online experience the most successful with the most satisfied customers.  

Dirty Tricks: Adwords Dynamic Keyword Insertion

One of Duffy Marketing’s clients is experiencing the worst in dirty online business practices, and you need to be aware because it could be happening in your market, too. An HVAC competitor is purchasing our client’s company name in their Adwords campaign keywords and incorporating it using a Google tool called Dynamic Keyword Insertion. During a search, if a consumer types out the company name, it will show up as the title to the competitor’s ad but linking to their website and of course their phone line. They have already had a customer call them saying she had just kicked the tech of this company out of her home when they showed up to do her tune-up because she was misled.  

While not illegal, it is the epitome of dishonesty. Having your business name trademarked is the only course of action that will require Google to stop them from purchasing your name as a keyword. This is our suggested course of action to ensure this doesn’t happen to you and we encourage you to begin that process immediately with your attorney. In this ever-evolving world of behind-the-scenes technology, companies must be diligent to protect the value of their companies, their customers and their reputation. 
Your account executive will be going over this with you on your conference call in the next few weeks. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us. Duffy Marketing wishes you, your staff and your family a great and safe holiday weekend.