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Grow Your Business with Social Media

social media

 A new year presents a new opportunity to take stock of what we’ve achieved over the past year and how we can improve moving forward. It’s the same for the business owner: use the beginning of 2019 to reflect on what you do as a company and how well you communicated that information to your customers.

We have fast-paced lives and we’re inundated with information. Between electronic media, phone calls, and the postal system, we all get hit with an overwhelming amount of data every day! Since one of the keys to business success is maximizing exposure to your current and potential customer base, make the most of the information age by using social media such as Facebook. Word of mouth has always been one of the best means of advertising, so why not bait the hook and reel in customers using information that you generate yourself; thereby, controlling not only what is said, but also the end result you’re looking for.

To generate business quickly during a slow month such as January, get your employees on board by having the technicians post on their own Facebook pages a “Family and Friends Offer” such as:

  • A contest for the most calls generated
  • Special offers like $50 off a specific service or ½ price tune ups
  • An aggressive time frame of a few days to a more relaxed few weeks

For more detailed information on how to use social media to expand your customer base or generate more business from those who currently use you, call our office today.

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