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The Ultimate Guide to Training for Customer Service & Support

CSR training

Here’s a little secret, well it’s not really a secret but it’s worth hearing again, customers don’t care about your marketing plan. Most of them don’t know demographic research from the research their kids do as part of their history studies. What customers do care about is how they are treated by your Customer Service Representatives, or CSRs. If they have a bad experience, chances are they will never choose you for any future needs.

Train, train & then train some more

Customer service should never be an afterthought before or after the sale. If you lose a customer because of bad service, you are not only losing revenue but have the increased cost of finding a new client. That’s why Duffy Marketing emphasizes continuing CSR training for all our clients. Proper training is what allows CSRs to handle those unexpected situations, whether on the phone or in-person.

Speaking of adding new customers

Do you want to know the best and cheapest way to do this? Good CSR training. That’s because happy customers are the best bet to bring in new business. This is why your CSR teams must exceed the customer’s expectations. Never lose sight of the fact that word-of-mouth advertising, brought about by good customer service, is effective and cheap.

Can’t I get that without training?

Duffy Marketing is asked all the time, “If I just hire the right people, why do I need CSR training?” Of course, you should always hire good people, but regardless of how talented new employees are, they simply can’t be prepared to handle every customer service challenge. Additionally, it’s critical that all employees are using the same playbook. In other words, reinforcing the company’s branding and mission statement.

Training goals

CSR training can be applied to many different situations. What must always be remembered is your customers aren’t dumb. They know B-S when they hear it. Your people must be trained in specific skills including:

  • Clear communication
  • Resourcefulness
  • Passionate about services & products
  • Being an advocate for your customer

As indicated earlier, it is vital to hire the right people, but that’s the first step. The hiring process is like planting seeds in the soil. CSR training is like cultivating and growing your garden, so you get a fruitful harvest.

Here to help

Call now to learn more about how Duffy Marketing can improve your customer service with our unique and proven CSR training techniques. Don’t risk losing valuable customers because they’ve had a bad experience.