What is Employee Training & Development?

Training and Development

Understanding Employee Training and Development Employee training and development focuses on activities that aid in employees acquiring new knowledge and skills, or expanding upon what they already know. Ultimately, incorporating training and development doesn’t just help employees grow in their field; it helps improve business processes and performance. It’s important to note that there are […]

Where Companies Go Wrong With Learning And Development


INVEST AND FOR THE RIGHT REASON Most companies will admit that they are either in the situation where they don’t do training at all, or just not enough of it. Frank Harrison, former owner of General Air Conditioning & Plumbing located in Palm Springs, CA once was asked by another HVAC company owner “What if […]

Why Is Customer Service Important?

customer service

No matter the age or level of experience of your customer service staff, they are never beyond receiving ongoing training. Just like golf professional Jack Nickolaus had coaches and took lessons all the way through his entire career, your customer service team deserves the investment to make their skills as sharp as possible. This allows […]

What Are The CSR Activities?

CSR training

First impressions are important.  And the first impression in your HVAC, plumbing and electrical company is your Customer Service Representatives (CSRs). They are the first person who makes contact with prospective customers and can single handedly be responsible for success or failure of your current marketing campaign you spent thousands promoting. They deserve ongoing training […]

How To Train My Employees Better?

CSR training

We’ve all heard the old saying, “You only get one chance to make a good first impression.” Duffy Marketing has learned that in the business world, making a good first impression often comes down to training of all sorts. Technical training for HVAC technicians and all other skilled trades employees. Communication skills so those technicians […]

Why Is Internal Training Important In The Workplace?


How does your business treat ongoing training for employees? Is it something employees smile and wink about because they know it’s really just lip service on the part of their bosses? Or is it viewed as an investment in the future of the organization and the people who work there? Duffy Marketing has a long […]

HVAC CSR Training

CSR training

In the exclusive Focus HVAC training program offered at Duffy Marketing, we describe the basis of your business as a triangle with the customer at the top and your company and staff/team on the bottom two corners. With the “company” working to support the “team”, together it provides a solid foundation for your customers which […]

The Ultimate Guide to Training for Customer Service & Support

CSR training

Here’s a little secret, well it’s not really a secret but it’s worth hearing again, customers don’t care about your marketing plan. Most of them don’t know demographic research from the research their kids do as part of their history studies. What customers do care about is how they are treated by your Customer Service […]

Proofreading: Getting the Most from Your Marketing


Getting the greatest return on your marketing dollars takes a commitment from your marketing firm and from you. The adage, “garbage in, garbage out” applies to marketing, too. It’s vital that you proofread all advertising pieces to ensure the message being broadcast on behalf of your company is accurate and articulates the desired message. When […]

Outbound Gets the Prize!


We all know that famous quote: “the early bird gets the worm.” The same premise holds true with HVAC and plumbing companies, too! The distinction is that the companies who work hard, and are diligent to make outbound calls, will get the ultimate prize of work, work and more work. If your company doesn’t put […]