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What Is Digital Marketing? A Beginners Guide

digital marketing

Let’s take a little trip down memory lane. Remember (not very long ago) when the daily newspaper, especially on Sunday, had page after page of classified advertising? Now you might find a couple of pages, and most of those classified ads are notices published only for legal reasons. This is just one small example of how the world of advertising and marketing services has changed in a very short time.

It’s a digital world

With very few exceptions, businesses can’t survive today without an effective digital marketing strategy like the ones designed by Duffy Marketing. Make no mistake, there’s still an important role for more traditional marketing strategies including:

  • Print & broadcast ads
  • Brochures & fliers by direct mail
  • In-person marketing at community events

But, with the phone book largely replaced by the internet and Google, the new Yellow Pages, traditional marketing is no longer enough.

Comprehensive digital strategy

Far too many companies believe digital marketing starts and ends with a website designed by the office manager’s teenage son or daughter. Too often that website is like the tree that falls in the forest and no one hears it. A website is worthless if current and potential customers aren’t visiting the site. Duffy Marketing will work with your business to craft effective marketing services including:

Keyword research—This is an important part of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) which means identifying the words being searched for on the major search engines. This will drive more traffic to your site.

Analyze web traffic—By using analytical tools, Duffy Marketing will analyze the traffic numbers on your website and help you learn how you can use the data to attract new customers.

Develop a ranking strategy—The key is understanding how to improve the ranking of your website so it’s consistently appearing near the top of search engine results. This includes creating SEO optimized content and improving the architecture of your site. This can involve improving site loading speeds and ensuring there are no outdated or broken links to URLs.

Digital marketing tools

These are what is used to keep a digital audience engaged before, during, and after their purchase. The goal is to make today’s readers or viewers tomorrow’s buyers, who will also refer new contacts after their initial purchase. Some digital marketing tools Duffy Marketing will help you provide are:

  • Blogs (educational content)
  • Video content (website and dedicated video channels)
  • Marketing emails
  • Active social media accounts
  • Duffy Mail Integration

Duffy is here to help

If your company is struggling to develop its digital marketing strategy, call Duffy Marketing now for a free initial consultation. The proof is in the successful campaigns we’ve designed for our current clients and how Duffy can do the same thing for you.