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Communicating Your Marketing Campaigns


All of us at Duffy Marketing know how much time, effort and money goes into any marketing campaign which is why we wanted to be sure and cover the most important aspect to success for your campaigns this week. Careful consideration is given to writing, proofreading and refining to ensure each product is polished to bring about the desired result of building relationships with your customer base and increasing sales. As budgets have limits, it’s very important to squeeze every penny of return-on-investment (ROI) from every marketing endeavor, large or small.  Careful execution of your marketing campaigns is paramount to their success, for sure. However, another aspect of running a successful promotion that can be overlooked is thoroughly communicating current campaigns to the employees. 

Nothing will undermine your efforts, and possibly your customers’ perception of your company’s professionalism, faster than ill-informed employees who aren’t able to communicate properly. It’s extremely important that adequate time be given to educating staff to effectively communicate with customers and keep them up to date with the current campaigns and promotions.

The home comfort industry is about relationship building. On the personal level, every successful company stresses the importance of cultivating the customer connection from the first phone call reaching your CSR’s. It’s very important to build on that foundation of communication. However, the links of true customer-centric business focus can be further strengthened by internal communication, too. It’s crucial that internal marketing, i.e, communicating and selling the initiatives and promotions to employees, is well-executed in order for the external marketing undertakings to achieve the desired overall ROI.

Duffy AE’s have scripts as well as the knowledge and expertise to offer guidance as you properly educate your employees to be effective and informed representatives of your company. It’s important to us that your marketing budgets are stretched to the maximum benefit of your company. The ability of your employees to successfully present your current marketing campaigns can mean the difference between closing a sell, up selling to further capitalize on your investment or losing money altogether. At the end of the day, we all want to know we achieved profitability using our resources to the best of our ability. Therefore we recommend:

1. Create a marketing board – This should be placed somewhere that is visible for all in the company to see, especially the technicians. It should have a copy of the artwork (actual if its DM  – printed if something else) and should include the run dates and distribution/location. 

2. Weekly tech training – Every week go over the current marketing campaign on the street (and/or reinforce the nesting campaign) and be sure to share the actual sample with the staff.  Doing role playing with a few technicians will help them become more comfortable with talking to your customers. 

3. Roll-out – When you have a new campaign being rolled out, present to the entire staff and provide the dates of the campaign, and all the pieces that go with it, so there is no confusion.  Also role play with your CSR’s and techs on how to handle the call to include possible objections in booking/cross selling.    
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