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HVAC CSR Training

CSR training

In the exclusive Focus HVAC training program offered at Duffy Marketing, we describe the basis of your business as a triangle with the customer at the top and your company and staff/team on the bottom two corners. With the “company” working to support the “team”, together it provides a solid foundation for your customers which will give you a sustainable and successful business. If a client or prospective client has a bad or lacking experience you have likely lost any chance of doing business with that person again. Working with the entire company establishing cultural and common goals, our experienced trainers works to ensure each person understands their role and maximizes each opportunity to “WOW” the client at every level.  A big part of the Focus program provides expert CSR training specializing in the HVAC, plumbing and electrical services. 

CSRs are on the first line of defense

Your customer service representatives (CSRs) are on the front lines of your business and can make the largest impact of your overall success than any other position in your company. It’s a numbers game. The number of incoming calls booked directly impact your final outcome. The more booked calls you have to start with means more revenue you should get without spending one more dime on your marketing. This will give your marketing campaigns a  larger return on investment (ROI) and your business a greater profit.  

First thing is you have to do is be realistic on your current status. We have been working with companies for decades and almost every owner has told us they felt their CSRs booked almost every call. Get your calls recorded and evaluated to know where you are at. There are several companies that can provide this ongoing service for a reasonable fee. One recovered call easily pays for the service not to mention how valuable the recordings can be for training purposes. Ask your Duffy Marketing account executive what companies we recommend. 

What happens during training

Just like a sports team practices to race certain situations, your CSRs must be prepared to deal with any eventuality. During CSR training we will duplicate as many real-life situations as possible. The more confident they are in how to keep in control of the call no matter the situation presented, the greater the booking % will be. Let’s face it. HVAC, plumbing or electrical calls can vary from call to call and you don’t know what you don’t know. Ultimately having a quality CSR training program can affect how happy your CSRs are which can then directly impact the next call they handle – a trickle down effect that could go bad quickly. Our core focus is ensuring the call goes in the right order, specific phrases are used and avoided, and being prepared for typical season situations. 

In addition to situational training, CSRs must be trained in specific skills including:

  • Clear communication
  • Resourcefulness
  • Passionate about services & products
  • Being an advocate for your customer

These are just a few of the key steps for seeing trackable results for this important training every company should invest in. We hear feedback all the time that even small tweaks from veteran CSRs have resulted in fantastic results easily paying for the training. 

Customer service is a team effort

While the CSRs are on the front lines, every staff member should be focused on customer service. Set your goals high. In today’s world customer satisfaction should be the bare minimum. The goal is service so good you inspire customer loyalty. Embrace the digital world we live in. Email and/or text message confirmations before the technician arrives. A photo to identify the employee is good, video is better. And technicians, when you arrive focus 80 percent of your time on the customer and 20 percent on the box. Your primary goal is to build a relationship and the immediate equipment fix should be secondary. 

Let’s learn together

Let Duffy Marketing help you raise your customer service to new levels with CSR training for your company. We offer individual, group and onsite training tailored to your team and companies goals and needs.  Call now to learn more about this aspect of our professional marketing services.