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Is Digital Marketing Better Than Field Marketing?

digital marketing

The pandemic has changed the world around us, and that includes marketing strategies and services for businesses. Clearly, COVID19 has severely limited opportunities for field marketing, which is commonly defined as direct point-of-contact communication. Duffy Marketing has seen our clients having to end traditional marketing events they have taken part in for decades:

  • Community celebrations
  • Charitable events
  • Holiday parades
  • Trade shows
  • Professional events & conferences

They have all fallen victim to the pandemic, but Duffy Marketing has helped our clients change horses in midstream so-to-speak and put more focus on digital marketing. Let us do the same thing for your business.

Expanding What You Are Already Doing

Every company is doing some form of digital marketing. Email and social media campaigns are common. Additionally, companies use their websites and YouTube channels to make sure their message gets out. But how do you expand those efforts to make up for the lack of field marketing? One of the best ways is turning to Duffy Marketing. Our digital marketing staff can do much of the work for you, meaning your business doesn’t have to hire new employees to perform those marketing services.

The Pandemic Has Given Us Lemons so Make Lemonade

This is the best philosophy for getting through these tough times. Listen, field marketing is not going to disappear. Conditions will get better and there’s still no replacement for face-to-face contact and a handshake. But if your business uses this opportunity to beef up its digital marketing efforts you will have the best of both worlds.

Either on your own or working with Duffy Marketing, take advantage of this opportunity by:

✔Making sure your website is attractive & up-to-date

✔Offer sales & other promotions online

✔Accelerate your social media posts emphasizing your COVID19 protocols

✔Use that email contact list aggressively

✔Whenever possible share photos & videos

✔Make sure employees are stressing online reviews

The good news when it comes to digital marketing is if you already have the basics in place you can increase your presence substantially without spending a lot more money.

Always Here to Help

Duffy Marketing understands how stressful and volatile the business climate has been and still is. Don’t hesitate to give us a call so we can provide the marketing services to get you safely through the COVID19 pandemic. Be sure to like and follow us on Facebook and Twitter for more great marketing information.