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Making Your Marketing Strategy Work

marketing strategy

As a whole, business owners are good at many things.

  • They understand customer service is vital.
  • They appreciate and work to reward good employees who in turn provide the vital customer service.
  • They also understand the importance of business planning so they can expand their services, hire more employees, and provide even better customer service.

Where many business owners fall short is in the world of marketing strategy and marketing services like those provided by Duffy Marketing.

What Duffy Can do For You

Any marketing strategy must be a two-pronged  approach Let’s take a closer look at what that means:

  • Devise marketing strategies—This is based on market research and analysis of the data. Most business owners don’t have the training, but Duffy Marketing has decades of experience filling this role for clients across the nation. Our marketing services include research to find information about your potential customers which can include  important  aspects like:
    • Age of head of household 
    • Age of the home they live in 
    • Educational level
    • Estimated income
    • Home office
    • Family size
    • Allergies
  • Implementing those strategies—All the information and market research doesn’t do any good if you don’t turn it into a plan of action.
    • What’s the best way to allocate advertising budgets?
    • Are billboards effective in your market?
    • When and how to use direct mail campaigns?
    • How to target the people who need your services?

It’s a Brave New World Out There

Not too many years ago your decisions were limited to radio, TV, newspapers, and direct mail. There is still a place for all those advertising mediums in your business planning, but now the digital revolution means direct access to consumers. For very little investment you can reach out directly to potential customers through social media and of course the internet.

It’s a Two-Edged Sword

The digital world provides business owners with nearly limitless access to consumers, but it also gives the customers unprecedented power. If one of your employees had a bad service call 20 years ago, no one heard about it. If it happens today, a bad online review can affect future decisions by hundreds or even thousands of potential customers. Duffy Marketing can guide you through this new world of digital marketing services. Call today and schedule an appointment to discuss your marketing strategy. Be sure to like and follow us on Facebook and Twitter for more great marketing information.