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Sell, Secure & Schedule: The 3 S’s of Tune-Ups


As leaders in the HVAC industry, you already know the value of regularly scheduled system tune-ups. Although, filling your schedule boards with emergency calls to fix broken equipment might enhance your cash flow in the short term, to sustain not only your technicians’ daily schedules but also your bottom line, you need to build a solid customer base. One way to achieve this is by selling your customers on the benefits of systematic tune-ups. 

You probably already have a maintenance plan program that fits the character of your company, so we will touch on them in general, not in detail. And, although owners and managers may understand the paybacks of scheduled tune-ups for both company growth and customers, how do you get customers to buy-in to their importance? How do you motivate employees to make the sale, secure the call and schedule the appointment

To help you grow your customer base, and thereby increase overall sales, we offer the following suggestions to get customers and employees “on board” with filling “the board”:

  • Call Cap offers outbound automated calling source to fill the board quickly.
  • Have your CSR’s make outbound calls to schedule tune-ups for plan participants. Now is the time for spring maintenance.
    • Remind them tune-ups are a prepaid benefit of the plan.
  • Offer maintenance plans at cost for staff.

Loyal, lifetime customers are best. Selling your company’s maintenance plan is key to building that trust relationship. Since technicians have knowledge of the type of equipment in the home and the specific problem, it’s much more effective for them to sell the customer on the need for the maintenance plan. Contests or rewards for upselling the plans are excellent motivational tools for employees. 

CSR’s and technicians have specific roles in setting the hook and reeling in the catch.

  • CSR’s should mention your plan to customers who are not participants. This is baiting or setting the hook. 
  • Technicians cast the line by bringing up the plan the CSR mentioned in the phone call.
  • Using the reason for the service call, the technician can reel in the catch by selling the benefits for maintenance plan participants. The question should be asked, “Will you be paying full price, or would you like to hear how you can receive a discount?”
  • Leave completed maintenance forms there with postage paid reply envelope.
  • Establish an internal process to send out a follow-up letter within a week of service to those who turned down the purchase of a maintenance plan.

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