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Outbound Gets the Prize!


We all know that famous quote: “the early bird gets the worm.” The same premise holds true with HVAC and plumbing companies, too! The distinction is that the companies who work hard, and are diligent to make outbound calls, will get the ultimate prize of work, work and more work. If your company doesn’t put in the time and effort to get the work, your competitors will.

Spring is coming soon. Temperatures will be rising and for many companies, that means the start of the cooling season. In a recent blog, we talked about the importance of training CSR’s to be ready for the busy times. Sometimes it requires action on the part of the company to generate those busy times. Spring tune-ups are the perfect opportunity to make personal contact with loyal customers who have purchased maintenance agreements.

Now is the time to plan ahead and have the CSR’s make outbound calls during their down time. This is a fantastic way to keep them busy while also getting the technician’s schedules filled with spring tune-ups. If you need suggestions about ways to successfully make this approach work, contact your Duffy Marketing Account Executive. They are skilled and ready to assist you. 

We also highly recommend CallCap, a company founded in 2001 that uses technology and innovation to assist companies with call tracking, call evaluation and data collection to retain calls that might otherwise be lost to competitors. Their methods will enable you to gain control of your company while being hands on to capture future business. They have a proven outbound program that promotes call scheduling and generating successful leads that will ultimately increase your bottom line. To learn more about CallCap, click here, or talk to your Duffy Marketing Account Executive if you think using this tool makes sense for your business.
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