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Don’t Be Thrown to the Sidelines: Plan Now for the Rush!


The Duffy Marketing family of clients spreads far and wide across our beautiful United States. Because we are in different areas, peak times vary a bit among our many HVAC and plumbing companies. Regardless of exactly when that happens for you, now is the time to formulate a plan to handle the rush of calls you’ll get when the warm weather spikes. 

With Duffy’s help to manage your marketing plans, you’ve worked hard to get your name out there in the communities you serve. Your efforts are tireless to build relationships with your customer base to ensure your company is the one they call when they need service, repairs or maintenance to their home comfort systems. When the temperatures rise, and cool air is what they want, customers want to know your technicians are available and ready to meet their needs. 

Customer Service Representatives need training, which may include role-playing activities, to handle the influx of calls you will receive. Some customers will be happy-go-lucky because they just want to know their system is running ok. Others will be irate because they’re hot and sweaty and they want to be comfortable. Still others will be frustrated over their particular situation. Whatever state of mind the customer may be in, CSRs should be able to handle them smoothly and expertly so the call is not dropped or the emotion of the situation elevated to a greater degree. (See February’s blog on Spring Training for more information.)

All that being said, you know what the saying is about ‘the best laid plans.’ No matter how well you plan ahead, sometimes you just can’t get to everyone during an extremely busy period. Duffy Marketing has a suggestion to remedy that, too! To continue fostering the relationship you’ve so carefully nurtured, build a bridge with a Clean Up Plan when you’ve not been able to get to a customer as quickly as they would have liked. For example, send out a $50 gift card to be used on a future service call to encourage them to try again. 

Perhaps you’ve experienced a scenario like what we’ve described. Please share with us how you cultivated a positive customer experience to produce a positive outcome from a not-so-desirable situation.
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