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Income Tax Season May Be Over But…. (Don’t Forget Use Tax)

Use Tax

It’s a subject no one wants to talk about, and since the rush of income taxes time is behind us now, we don’t have to, right? 

Sorry. There are taxes we must mention because it’s very important in the business relationship between Duffy Marketing Services and our customers, and that’s the Use Tax

This applies when a resident of one state makes a purchase for an item that is not subject to his or her home state’s sales taxes. This typically applies to out-of-state purchases made via the internet, ordering by phone or through the mail. Generally, the Use Tax is assessed at the same rate as the sales taxes that would have been owed had the item been purchased within the individual’s home state. 

Duffy Marketing Services only submits sales tax for the purchases from us to our Missouri clients. If your business is headquartered in a state other than Missouri, it’s important that you report the applicable Use Tax to your particular state of residence. This applies to any tangible items you purchase from us.

Many states require the Use Tax to be paid annually, but some require a monthly payment. Penalties and levies vary from state to state. Verify the requirements of your state taxing authority by logging into your state’s official government website and entering a search for Use Tax. The applicable regulations, forms, etc. would then be available to you. For example, by typing into an internet browser, you could access the state of Missouri’s official website. We recommend that you check your state’s site for any updates or changes as the list of non-taxable goods and services is ever-changing 
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